Educational workshops

Learn Exploring the Cosmos


Our “Astrotourism Educational Workshops” are enriching experiences that combine fun with learning, giving participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of astronomy. These workshops are designed for schools, educational groups and enthusiasts of all ages who wish to deepen their knowledge of the universe.

Main Features:

  1. Educational Design: Each workshop is carefully designed to provide meaningful educational content, aligned with the school curriculum if necessary.
  2. Practical Interaction: Participants not only listen, but also engage in hands-on activities, fostering deeper, lasting understanding.
  3. Custom Content: Workshops can be customized to fit the specific needs of the audience, whether it is a group of students, a scientific community, or the general public.
  4. Advanced technology: We use advanced technological tools, such as telescopes and simulations, to enrich the experience.
  5. Focus on Specific Topics: Workshops can focus on topics such as extraterrestrial life, cosmology, space exploration, or any other topic of interest.

Duration and Availability: The duration of educational workshops varies depending on the content and specific objectives, generally 2 to 4 hours. They are available throughout the year and are scheduled based on availability.

Price: The price of educational workshops depends on the content, duration and location. Detailed information will be provided when making a reservation.


  • Appropriate clothing for the occasion.
  • Notebooks or note-taking devices (if necessary).

Bookings: To book your participation in our astrotourism educational workshops, please contact us via [Include contact information] or visit our website [Include website URL] for details on available workshops and customization options.

Discover the universe through experiential and practical education. We hope you will join us for an unforgettable educational journey into the cosmos!