Personalized Astrotourism Experiences

Design your astrotourism experience


Our Personalized Astrotourism Experiences offer the opportunity to design a custom astronomical adventure based on your specific interests and preferences. Whether you want to explore a particular celestial object, learn about a specific branch of astronomy, or have a unique experience under the stars, we are here to create the experience of your dreams.

Main Features:

Total Customization: We work with you to adapt the experience to your wishes. You can choose the celestial objects you want to observe, the thematic focus (such as planet exploration, dinner under the moon, or wine and stars), and the duration of the activity.

Expert Support: Our astronomical guides will accompany you and provide you with detailed information about the celestial objects you select, sharing their knowledge and experience with you.

Professional Telescopes: We use professional telescopes to ensure you have the best viewing possible.

Flexible schedule: Customized experiences are available at a wide range of times to fit your schedule and preferences.

Exclusive Environment: If you wish, we can organize the activity in a private and exclusive location for you and your guests, creating an intimate and exclusive atmosphere.

Duration and Availability: The duration and availability of personalized experiences vary depending on your choices and availability. They can last from a few hours to an entire night of observation.

Price: The price of custom astrotourism experiences depends on the choices you make, including duration, selected celestial objects, and location. A personalized quote will be provided when designing your experience.


  • Appropriate attire for the evening. Remember that the temperature can vary depending on the time of year, so it is advisable to wear warm clothing, especially outside of the summer season.
  • Red light flashlight. Using white light or a cell phone can make it difficult to observe the night sky, so a red light flashlight is ideal to preserve night vision.
  • A drink, hot or cold, depending on your tastes, and something to eat.

Bookings: To design your personalized astrotourism experience, please contact us at

Discover the cosmos your way and experience the excitement of astronomy in a unique, tailor-made experience. We look forward to creating an unforgettable experience in the universe with you!